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  • 獵魔都市
  • 獵魔都市
  • 獵魔都市
  • 獵魔都市
  • 獵魔都市
  • 獵魔都市
Description of 獵魔都市

In the future era of this parallel world, due to the regular movement of the cosmic celestial bodies, the ancient demons sealed deep underground are ready to move, and at the same time, the blood of the gods left by the ancient gods who sealed the demons-the supernatural beings are also constantly passing on. In response to the revival of the devil...What is justice? What is sin? What is the belief of mankind? A battle to save the earth by the "superior guardian" is about to be staged!

"Hunter City" is a new online science fiction role-playing adventure game with 3D next-generation engine graphics and a brand-new urban adventure story. Players will be selected by the Eden organization as a supernatural power in the future world. Fight against powerful demons and protect the homeland of mankind! Summon the guardian spirits together, operate the superpower base, improve the strength of your team, come and unlock all the ways to play! !

※ urban abilities wind
game uses a technology designed to create a sense of anime style characters and futuristic metropolis bursting scene, all kinds of wonderful dialogue makes you a better understanding and explore this magical parallel world.
※ summon guardian spirit
to collect your own guardian spirit hero! The newly designed Jiang Ziya, Nine-Tailed Naruto, Zhuge Liang, Monkey King were born...all the gods of war will fight side by side with you and enjoy the fun of arranging troops at your fingertips.
※ even carrying large combat
full level of spiritual device can be carried out in solidarity with carrying a full service players with quality spirits, which significantly enhance your fighting! Players also have a variety of ways to interact with each other, let us save the world together!
※ The super-powerful BOSS's
wonderful storytelling unlocks more gameplay output and summoning to help improve your team strength. The super-interesting operation methods and challenges give you a refreshing experience of repelling the powerful BOSS.
※ goddess intimacy
travel adventure, VIP gifts and other ways can encounter sections of the roots of the goddess, but also enhance the intimacy of prayer, prayer must first spiritual control! It can also make your fate with her more romantic! !

Version history 獵魔都市
New in com.dsgl.dushi 1.15
1. 異能事務所增加交互體驗.
2. 至尊神殿增加女神交互機製。
3. 修復一些已發現的BUG。
New in com.dsgl.dushi 1.14
New in com.dsgl.dushi 1.13
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